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Get Cheap International Phonecards by Text Message!

Buy calling cards by text message instantly anytime of day or night and make cheap international calls easily and conveniently from your mobile or even your landline. We will send you an international calling card PIN by text. You can make cheap international calls using text phonecards from UK mobiles to over 200 destinations using our low rate international calling credit!

One you have received your phonecard top up, just dial our easy to remember access number before you dial your overseas number. You will be connected to call from the bargain call rate of 1p/min. Keep in touch when you are on the move with our text phonecard service and save 95% or more on your international call phone bills.

Great Rates on International Phonecard Calls from UK to:


Phonecards to Argentina
Argentina 0.1p »
Phonecards to Australia
Australia 0.1p »
Phonecards to Belgium
Belgium 0.3p »
Phonecards to Brazil
Brazil 0.1p »
Phonecards to Canada
Canada 0.1p »
Phonecards to China
China 0.1p »
Phonecards to Colombia
Colombia 1.6p »
Phonecards to Denmark
Denmark 0.1p »
Phonecards to Cyprus
Cyprus 0.1p »
Phonecards to France
France 0.1p »
Phonecards to Germany
Germany 0.1p »
Phonecards to Greece
Greece 0.1p »
Phonecards to Hong Kong
Hong Kong 0.7p »
Phonecards to Hungary
Hungary 0.1p »
Phonecards to India
India 0.1p »
Phonecards to Ireland
Ireland 0.1p »
Phonecards to Italy
Italy 0.1p »
Phonecards to Jamaica
Jamaica 13.4p »
Phonecards to Malaysia
Malaysia 0.1p »
Phonecards to Netherlands
Netherlands 0.1p »
Phonecards to New Zealand
New Zealand 0.1p »
Phonecards to Pakistan
Pakistan 0.1p »
Phonecards to Portugal
Portugal 0.1p »
Phonecards to Poland
Poland 0.1p »
Phonecards to Russia
Russia 4p »
Phonecards to Singapore
Singapore 0.1p »
Phonecards to Spain
Spain 0.1p »
Phonecards to Sweden
Sweden 0.1p »
Phonecards to Switzerland
Switzerland 0.1p »
Phonecards to Thailand
Thailand 0.1p »
Phonecards to Turkey
Turkey 1.4p »
Phonecards to USA
USA 0.1p »

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Buy a Calling Card by text now and get it delivered straight to your mobile

Buying a phonecard couldn't be easier, simply enter your mobile number in our form and pay by Paypal. Your phonecard PIN will be delivered in seconds, allowing you to call instantly!

Alternatively, send a text message from your mobile and receive a reply text instantly with your top up PIN sent by SMS to your mobile number. Start calling right away!

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Why use Text Phonecards for your international Calls?

10% extra call credit FREE with every top up of £10 and higher

We offer some of the best deals on international calls from UK landlines, mobiles and payphones. Enjoy the freedom of buying a phonecard by simply sending a text message. Then make international calls any hour of the day or night and even on weekends at the same guaranteed low rates.

When you make an international call with our phonecards, all you are charged is our low rate (plus the cost of calling our access number). You are able to bypass the much higher rates charged if you called directly without using the access number.

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Find the call rate to over 200 international destinations

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